Yoshiharu Matsui, President, HPO CreationYoshiharu Matsui, President
Achieving sustainable success in today’s highly dynamic business environment requires a high-performance organization (HPO). But for most business leaders, one of the key challenges in successfully building an HPO is determining where to start. Should they start by establishing a clearer priority? Or would it be beneficial to hire competitive talent, implement incentives, or change the decision-making processes?

While any of these approaches could be effective, they require significant time and other scarce resources, resulting in more than 70 percent of organizational reforms ending up in failure.

That’s where HPO Creation comes in.

A human resource development and organizational reformation leader, HPO Creation is ideally positioned to help businesses embrace the path of self-development to create an HPO. Drawing on its team’s extensive experience as organizational transformation agents, it assists clients in building leadership, systems, capabilities, and culture to achieve their vision and strategy, transforming them into an HPO.

“Our team embraces best practices and proven theories to foster the professional and personal development of a client’s leaders and employees, helping them achieve strategic and sustainable growth,” says Yoshiharu Matsui, president of HPO Creation.

Its work in driving clients toward achieving operational excellence begins by comprehending their organization’s current status and performance, long-term objectives, and competitive situation. HPO Creation, to this end, conducts various quantitative and qualitative assessments. Through one-on-one interviews with leaders and executives, it understands their challenges and vision related to organizational culture. Based on these insights, it builds organizational transformation strategy.

Cultivating the right mindset among leaders is the initial step for successful organizational transformation. By providing them with access to assessment results that comprise ten criteria for evaluating employee alignment with organizational vision, HPO Creation empowers leaders to reflect on the effectiveness of their skills and employees’ perception of their leadership. It also comprehends the communication procedures across a client’s hierarchies to ensure accurate dissemination of transformation strategy throughout the organization. This is followed by advising leaders to prioritize the most significant loopholes that require attention.

HPO Creation recommends mindset, behavior, and system changes for executives to address gaps and advance their transformation journey. It refines the transformation strategy for smooth implementation while providing exercises and activities to help executives gain deeper understanding of the transformation framework and effectively communicate strategy across hierarchies.

“We craft contingency strategies to overcome potential obstacles during the transformation journey, ensuring clients seamlessly achieve their end-goals,” says Matsui.

Once the transformation strategy is formulated, it provides workshops where the department heads and key managers are guided to create detailed action plans for their respective teams. HPO Creation performs qualitative and quantitative assessments after one year to track the improvements in a client’s employee engagement and progress toward their objectives.

HPO Creation’s capabilities were put to test when it helped a client struggling with low employee morale. It began with a kick-off meeting focused on fostering mutual understanding among executives by sharing their personal histories, values, cultures, along with aspirations for organizational growth. By encouraging open discussions, the HPO Creation team empowered their leadership to focus on organizational development. Eventually, the executives shed negative habits and adopted new behaviors, habits, and values that propagated a positive energy during team interactions.

Our team embraces best practices and proven theories to foster the professional and personal development of a client’s leaders and employees, helping them achieve strategic and sustainable growth

HPO Creation then conducted assessments and workshops to identify organizational areas with opportunities for improvement. Through continuous self-development, the client eventually witnessed a remarkable 35 percent increase in employee engagement and substantial productivity improvements after the one-year assessment.

Differentiating HPO Creation is Matsui and his team’s exposure to working in leading global companies. Matsui is a doctorate in organizational change from Pepperdine University and a seasoned HR, organizational development, and marketing professional from Procter & Gamble. He possesses vivid knowledge of tools, theories, and methodologies of organizational change and deploys them according to the needs of individual clients.

HPO Creation’s zeal to achieve excellence and relentless effort to be an extension of client teams while fostering their journey to become a HPO makes it the go-to organizational development partner.