Toshiya Kondo, Head of Diagnostic Domain, Link and MotivationToshiya Kondo, Head of Diagnostic Domain
A motivated workforce assures an organisation’s long-term success by fostering an engaged, productive and innovative culture. However, among the myriad strategies to uplift employees, Motivation Engineering stays ahead of the curve. This technology, developed by Link and Motivation, offers a one-stop organisational transformation by enhancing employee engagement.

“Motivation Engineering is crafted by combining academic discoveries from diverse fields like behavioural science and psychology, resulting in remarkable practicality and reproducibility,” states Toshiya Kondo, head of diagnostic domain at Link and Motivation.

Motivation Engineering comprises diagnostic and transformation technologies that use numerous frameworks to identify its client’s challenges. For instance, the firm helps customers visualise the engagement between an organisation and their staff through diagnostic surveys. It also offers assessments to evaluate individual employees’ performance. To solve the challenges revealed by the diagnoses, Link and Motivation provides numerous consulting services for organisational development, human resource development and recruitment by utilising its unique methodology based on transformation technology.

Motivation Cloud—the firm’s service that improves employee engagement—also utilises these diagnostic and transformation technologies to solve its client’s corporate issues. The firm visualises the organisational conditions based on one of Japan’s largest databases and prioritises the pain points to be addressed through surveys centred on expectations and satisfaction. This approach allows businesses to streamline their operations without any major workflow disruptions. In addition, Link and Motivation supports organisational transformation with high reproducibility and effectiveness by using its consulting know-how based on psychology and behavioural economics.

To continuously improve its core technology, Link and Motivation has built the Motivation Engineering Institute. It integrates academic research from diverse fields like business administration, social systems theory, behavioural economics and psychology to develop management technologies, products and services. The institute prioritises practicality and reproducibility over intuition and experience, operating as practitioners who actively engage with management challenges. Its goal is to spread transformative messages that challenge conventional notions and propel global change.

Motivation Engineering has garnered widespread acclaim and delivered remarkable results. Renowned companies like Hitach, Panasonic and Central Japan Railway Company have sought the firm’s expertise to drive organisational transformation. An instance that exemplifies the transformative power of the firm’s solution is its project with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd, a prominent player in the non-life insurance industry. By utilising the Motivation Cloud, the company gained invaluable insights into its organisation, identified priority issues, and accelerated the Plan-Do-Check- Act (PDCA) cycle for organisational improvement. This led to the client securing the second position in the firm’s prestigious Best Motivation Company Award 2023.

Motivation Engineering is crafted by combining academic discoveries from diverse fields like behavioural science and psychology, resulting in remarkable practicality and reproducibility

A fundamental principle embraced by Link and Motivation is the concept of ‘one for all, all for one,’ underscoring the necessity of simultaneously maximising organisational performance and individual motivation. Achieving this delicate balance requires effective communication, alignment of perceptions, and the establishment of a shared mission and vision within the organisation. These principles, which are essential for providing solutions to clients, are prerequisites for Link and Motivation’s success.

Through Motivation Engineering, Link and Motivation has helped organisations unlock their potential for growth and success. This commitment has helped it achieve numerous accolades, including the 16th ASPIC IoT/AI/Cloud Awards 2022 and the
Grand Prize in the Organizational Change and Development Category. By reshaping operations, Link and Motivation empower businesses to thrive, increase productivity, and cultivate motivated teams. The firm’s dedication to driving change ensures it leads innovation, guiding organisations to long-term success.